It undoubtedly an understatement to assume that a scuba diving club that has been operating since 1959 has a colorful history. And yes, the Desert Dolphins SCUBA Club has a rich history and much of it is colorful!

Scuba diving has changed a lot over the past sixty-plus years. While the basic premise of scuba diving remains the same, improvements in the technology of diving equipment and understanding the science of diving and marine ecosystems have come a long ways.

The ocean that club members were exploring was a different environment back in 1959. Over the years, members noticed significant changes. Large species like sharks and manta rays are less numerous in the Gulf of California. During the last fifty years, club members have noticed declines in the biodiversity of the gulf's ecosystems.

Desert Dolphins SCUBA Club was doing dive trips long before the dive industry moved towards resort-based diving. Those early trips required members to be incredibly self-sufficient. They trekked to areas that would eventually become destination scuba diving resorts.

We invite you to explore the club's growing archive historical videos and documents. Links are provided below.

1966 Mar Lobos