To bring together diving enthusiasts to promote marine and dive education, conservation and community



Welcome to the Desert Dolphins Scuba Club Education Page!

The heart of any organization is its purpose for existing. Promoting education is a major driving force in our scuba diving club. Ocean education is important. Captain Jacques Cousteau once commented that people protect what they love. While Captain Cousteau's comment was absolutely true, people have a difficult time loving things they do not know about. This is why our focus on education is incredibly important. The club engages in providing educational opportunities for students, community groups and club members.

In addition to educational outreach and internal presentations by club members, we actively provide financial support to conservation groups and businesses that engage in educational activities and projects aligned with our mission. Links to these activities and projects are provided within this website. Please take some time to click on links to learn about the programs we support.

The Desert Dolphins Scuba Diving Club has a long tradition of providing ocean education presentations and activities in Tucson-area schools. Club members have presented and provided workshops in classrooms and during science night types of activities.

World Ocean Day is coming up June 8th, 2024. The Desert Dolphins will be presenting a hands on activity at the Desert Museum from 6pm to 9pm again this year. Come join us in sharing our education on Climate Change by the Desert Dolphins.